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Merge Projects, different output coordinate systems error

I went back and double checked the output coordinate systems and they are both the same. They both read:


And both image coordinate systems are WGS84(egm96)


There was a different UAV used for both projects with different cameras. Would that be an issue?

Did you find an answer? I am having the same problem.

Still nothing. Can’t find anything elsewhere either.


Do you have GCPs? If you do, then the coordinate system also has to be the same.
The different cameras should not be an issue.
This is our recommendations to merge projects:

It would be more convenient for us to have the quality report to check the sub-projects.
Could you please send them to us:

Looking forward to hearing from you two.

Best regards,

Thanks for checking in on this. Email has been sent.

Ok, so the projects match each other as far as coordinate systems go. But within both projects, the output coordinate system is different than the GCP coordinate system…but both projects match that set up.

I dont have GCP in my project. I processed images taken at four different location separately and tried to combine the results of projects and successfully merged  two projects where the images are taken in different flights. when i tried to combine the other two projects it shows output coordinate error i.e. both output coordinate should be same. when i looked in my quality report output coordinates for both projects were same.


same camera model.

different flights 

Hi Senthil,

This rule is also valid for the image coordinate system (and GCP coordinate system but it does not apply in your case). Make sure the vertical reference system is consistent between each sub-projects. More information about merging projects procedure:

You said you tried to combine images that were captured at four different location. However, when merging it is necessary that the flights overlap so that manual tie points (MTPs) can be marked in the shared areas. This way the software knows where to connect the sub-projects. The recommendations on how to proceed are detailed in the article above.

Let us know if the issue persists and if you need more help.