Error during Merging two or more projects

I am trying to merge several projects obtained from the same camera. However, I am getting the error that the image coordinates are not same for the projects even after ensuring the same during pre-processing of the seperate projects. I followed every step given on the support website. Still not sure, why I am getting this error.
What can be done to resolve this?

Hello @rbhikule, It might happen that your vertical coordinate system is different. So, make sure to verify both of the coordinate systems for all the projects. If that is not the case, send us the quality report of all the projects so that I can have an idea about the issue.

Set_images_1_report.pdf (172.1 KB)
Set_images_3_report.pdf (121.7 KB)
Following are the reports for the two models.

Hello @rbhikule, As I said, your vertical coordinate system is different so you are getting that error.

So, you can change it by clicking on the Advanced Coordinate Option and make it same.