[PIX4Dmatic] Project merge issue

Hi, I have two questions about merging 4 projects into one using Pix4Dmatic.

  1. Pix4Dmatic won’t allow me to select more than 2 projects to merge. I open one project, then choose File>Merge Projects, and add the second project in the merge dialog box, and then cannot add any more. Do the projects all need to be in a single folder? I actually thought it was because they were all named “root” at first, but when simply renaming the project files, they errored out in the Merge dialog box, so I went back and renamed them all “root” in their respective project subfolders…

  2. I went ahead and attempted to merge 2 projects and I also receive an error. When I created each project, I included photos along the border of each project - so Project 1 contains some of the same photos as Project 2. And in this border of photos are three GCPs shared with both projects. Is this causing a problem? The GCPs are named the same in both projects.
    Set01NE-.pdf (3.3 MB)
    Set02NW-.pdf (2.9 MB)

The first time trying to run Merge Projects, I had selected both boxes for Merging Identical camera models, and Merge into a new project.
The process begins and then throws an error.
"Could not align project… Projects contain the same camera.

So, each project must not have any of the same photos that are in any other project?

Thank you.

Hi @Susan_Myers,

Thank you for your message and for trying the merge functionality in PIX4Dmatic.

  1. True, it is not possible to merge more than two projects at the same time. However, if you have three projects A, B, and C, you can merge Projects A+B together into Project AB, and then merge project AB with Project C.
  2. No problem if there are shared GCPs with both projects, this is helpful. However, at the moment the same images cannot be present in more than one project. I understand that the message "Could not align project… Projects contain the same camera" is misleading. I asked the product team to improve it.

Yes, you are correct.

Kind regards,