Project alignment through second and third steps

I have three projects that I am trying to run. originally I tried to run them as one project but when that didn’t work I split it into three projects. Each project contains 3 smaller projects. When I merge them together at first they will line up fairly well. Then I will add in gcps and it will all look good but as soon as I try running all of the steps this happens

That was the one project the second one had similar problems

M2_7_8_v5_report.pdf (1.3 MB)
The third project looked good at first glance

When you get a closer look you can see the issues with alignment

I have tried running each multiple times and each time the mtps will always align in the first step then after running the whole thing only images in one of the subprojects will align for whatever reason. These results are my fifth attempt at producing results for this project. Any ideas at what might be causing this?


May I ask if you added GCPs prior to merging?
You will have to identify and mark GCPs that have the same name and point to the same feature on all of the projects before merging.
The article below provides instructions on merging subprojects:

I hope you find this helpful.


I added the GCPs after the merge, I will try again but add them before. Thank you!