Merged projects not aligning with GCPs

I’m working on merging a lot of small projects together but in the final project things aren’t lining up correctly. Each of the smaller projects merged together just fine to create the two following projects:

but in the final merge after I add GCPs this is happening

I’ve tried rematching and reoptimizing several times as well as adjusting the gcp and mtp markings to get them as precise as possible but it keeps ending with the same result.
M122_report.pdf (2.2 MB)
M467_report.pdf (1.5 MB)
MAll_report.pdf (3.3 MB)

Hello @hadenapenrod, I would suggest the below things to see if that helps to merge the project well.

  1. Change the rolling shutter model into a global camera shutter.

2.I believe having too many mtps is causing the issue. Sometimes having more mtps will cause issues while merging. So, I suggest removing mtps from final two projects and only having those that are helping to merge the project. So, you can delete some mtps and reoptimize, if your map is good, you don’t need those mtps.
After that, have additional 3-4 common mtps that is common on both of the final projects and then try to merge them.

@Kapil_Khanal thank you for your suggestions, I will try both of these.