Merge projects without GCPs


It’s possible to merge two projects with just common MTPs?

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Common MTPs are not needed when merging two PIX4Dmatic projects.

However, please ensure the following requirements concerning coordinate reference systems and accuracy are fulfilled.

  1. The projects to be merged must have the same coordinate reference system, including both the horizontal and vertical coordinate systems.
  2. The projects to be merged must have either the positioning accuracy of a PPK/RTK device or be geolocated with the use of GCPs.

You can find out more here:

I’d like to add an additional trick to make sure that the projects you want to merge are located correctly for merging, even if you do not have RTK or GCPs.

You can create MTPs in an overlapping area in your “reference” project, create a .txt file with their coordinates (you can read them at the bottom of the software interface) in the format described in this article: These can be imported as “fake” GCPs in the other project you want to merge it with (ensuring it’s in the same coordinate reference system). There you can use them to have the project located correctly before merging.

Another trick in case you only need to “align” two point clouds (without the need for having the calibration merged), you can use the “manual registration” workflow in PIX4Dsurvey too.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll try this

How can i chargue the .txt file?
none coordinate system works for me in the column format

Hi @nelsoncard_09,

What GCP coordinate system did you select? It seems that you selected a geographic coordinate system while your GCP table contains projected coordinates.


You’re right, it was a problem in my coordinate system. I followed @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler’s recommendation and it worked for me, thanks.

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hi @nelsoncard_09,

I’m happy to hear that it is working fine for you.
Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Happy mapping :slight_smile: