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Merging 1Big project (nadir) with many sub-project (obl) correctly !?

I have this big project done at once with nadir images …and for matter of building 3D model i did capture oblique imagery for each structure in this area its about 70 project in total and i wounder how i can merge them together correctlly …i know about merging methode that pix4D proved in its manuelle support but it about merging 1 single area with 2 diffrente types of imagery or more but what about big project with many sub-project !?

1 big project is about 135 Go (image geolocation + GCP’s)
70 somi-project 135 Go (image geolocation + no GCP’s)
I’m thinking about merging them at one with (MTPs) that have the same name and point to the same feature on both of the projects
the big project with one sub-project each time
devide the big project olso !?
I do not have enough time or space to try them all so I want to know the correct way, All help is greatly appreciated!

Hello @cilawif941,

Thank you so much for sharing your project with us. It is a great project. There are two ways to process this project, first, process all the images as a single project (Try to see if that works by adding multiple tie points, but seems difficult). The second method would be by creating multiple sub-project and combining it. I would suggest the second method, but it will take a lot of your time. You can follow the steps explained in the same support article to merge all your project. It is the same even if you have many projects.

However, my suggestion would be to break down the project into 5-6 or even more subprojects based on the covered area. Then, merge all the nadir image that lies in that sub-project. After you are able to get a good result for each subproject and then only combine them to get one project. You will definitely have to follow the merging steps, especially having (3-5) mtps in every oblique image acquisition of the building that you have captured before merging.

I am curious why you are having 70 semi-project capturing the facade of the building? What I mean to say is that you can do a double grid mission with the oblique camera angle and be able to capture a reasonable amount of facade. If that is okay, the complexity of the project would be very less compared to the one you are doing. If you need the details of the few building, you could easily add them but 70 of them, seems a very difficult task.

I would definitely love to see the project once it is completed. Please let us know, how it goes.


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