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Number of projects for multiple obliques over nadir imagery

So I’ll be flying a site soon, and wondered how to go about processing multiple obliques over standard nadir imagery. It’s a large site (50+ acres) with 3 large buildings a few hundred feet apart. I planned on doing 2 obliques per building, about 50 ft. apart in elevation, for a total of 7 flights. So I planned on merging the obliques with the nadir flight using MTPs, but my question is how many projects to make for the obliques? Could I process all 6 at the same time and then merge, or would it be better to process each building separately? Or does it even matter?

Hi Will,

I think this our video Pix4D Video Academy 5: Merging Projects especially from 2:10 min can help you a lot. :) 

In terms of processing the oblique imagery, I would process each building separately combining two flights.

If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to post them here!