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How many MTP for merge project Nadir and Oblique

I want to create 3d project by use merge project Nadir and Oblique so 
I want to know that How many MTP (manual tie point) which I must be define ?

thank you


You should at least add 3 Ground Control Points (GCPs) or Manual Tie Points (MTPs) in the overlapping area between the projects. Ideally, they should not be aligned, so that they cover all degrees of freedom. Feel free to add more MTPs or GCPs, usually between 3 and 5 should be sufficient.

You can find more information on how to merge projects in this article: 

I can confirm the use of 3 working just fine…as long as they don’t share any X, Y, or Z component.  My projects combine camera angles from 30 to 50 degrees apart and 3 works perfectly each time.  I do tell Pix4D they are GCP instead of MTP in hopes of providing a more rigid relationship but I haven’t experimented to see if the results are different between those two options.

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