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Number of MTPs to use for a project?

Hello there.
I am new to this field and was curios about how many MTPs should be used for a project of 50 acres or 20.2 hectares. Images are captured at the altitude of 60 m.

Note: No GCPs are used in this project.

Thank you for your time

Hi Shubham,

The manual tie points (MTPs) are added to improve the reconstruction of the model. The number of MTPs to add is all based on various factors (such as image quality, flight type, overlap, and more) and the model that you expect to have. For example, if there is an area where the model is not constructed well in a project, you can add more MTPs in that area. The other case of adding MTPs is when you merge projects (learn more How to merge projects ). In that case, you would need to add at least 3 MTPs, but it is better to have more in a project (How many MTP for merge project Nadir and Oblique).

For more information regarding MTPs, kindly visit a website, How to add / import and mark manual tie points (MTPs) in the rayCloud.

Just to remind you that a manual tie point ties images to one another in relative space, as opposed to a ground control point, which ties images to one another and controls the image block to an absolute X, Y, Z position; therefore, there are some limitations of increase absolute accuracy using MTPs.