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How can I combine the photo from UAV and form ground level?

Hi Dear

I am testing to build a detailed model. So I am trying to combine the photo from UAV and for ground level. I am wondering should I copy all images into a folder After I took all pictures?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Lichih,

The images from different flights do not have to be stored in the same folder. In fact we recommend to keep them separated for the sake of clarity.

When dealing with different type of imagery, oblique vs. nadir or aerial vs. terrestrial, it is usually recommended to process each type of project separately for better results. Processing separately can be done regardless of the type of flight, e.g. several nadir flights can be merged. This could be an alternative for large datasets.

The idea is to run step 1 for each and to insert 3-5 manual tie points (MTPs) that will connect the sub-projects. Then the different flights are merged to process steps 2 and 3.

Make sure the MTPs have the same names in the sub-projects where they are shared. When creating the final project and merging the project files, it will be asked to consider the objects having the same name as equal. You should click Yes.

For more information bout merging projects: