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Manual Flight Image Quality


I have just recently started learning the program under the company I work for and I inherited a project focusing on an old train trestle. I have gone through the tutorials/instructional videos and they have already greatly improved my understanding of the program; I have already improved my results drastically. However, my issue with this project is that the pilot was not planning for these to be used to make an actual pix4d project, they were mostly for reference in regards to another part of the project.

This means that there is no well laid out flight plan and all the images were shot manually (Phantom 4). I have a mix of nadir and oblique images I have been sorting through but i am wondering if the reason I cannot merge the two sub projects is because the image quality is just not there.

I also was wondering if nadir images can have any tilt or if they strictly have to be pointing directly down. If this is the case i have to reorganize the images again. The current ATP cloud looks like this:

Thanks in advance! I’m hoping we can do something with this (don’t know when well be going back in the field as the drone has been out of commission.


HI Dakota,
Thanks for your interest in Pix4D solutions. Aerial Images taken with consistent overlap are the easiest to work with, but Pix4D can process images from virtually any digital camera and even process image frames extracted from Video files, but the images need to be Clear/In Focus and have good overlap among other project images. This allows for Keypoints to be identified/matched in multiple images creating a sufficient number of automatic tie points for the model. The project you are working with sounds like the images don’t have sufficient overlap and consistency to construct a good result. There was an interesting case study last year about modeling complex structures and merging aerial and terrestrial data that you may find helpful. Is it possible to visit the site again and capture additional imagery?