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Process Oblique Images

First off all, Happy new year for all.

For many years I use to process “Nadiral Images / Vertical Images” and in most of the cases I did not have many problems with this. In the end of the last year I had to process Oblique images without EXIF / Coordinates from the image center so I would like to if there´s someone that can help me with.

1 - In the process: The workflow is the same?
2 - Has we know the oblique images has more distortion, there is a way to reduce it?
3 - Do I have to use more GCP´s than the normal?
4 - Do I have to do more overlapping between the images?

I think that there is a lot of thing that I did not write , but if it is important please share with me.
It is a new topic to me so I have many doubts .

Drone: Ricopter
Cameras: SONY Alpha 6000

Best Regards,
Paulo Martinho.

Hi :wink:

Here are the answers. Let us know in case something is not clear enough.

It won’t be the same as for the nadir flight. For example, if the object you’re going to reconstruct is a building you should use the 3D Model template instead of the 3D Maps.
To not be concerned about the distortion, you should first calibrate the camera so the software will know how to undistort images and use them for processing correctly.
How to calibrate a Perspective Lens Camera
How to calibrate a Fisheye Lens Camera
Yes, I assume that with images without geolocation, you would need to add more MTPs. How to add / import and mark manual tie points (MTPs) in the rayCloud
That would definitely help calibrate the images. Please take a look at our article on Image acquisition.