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Dji P4P V2 image focus issues


I have been using the Pix4D capture app for several years now with the Dji P4P V1 with no problems, earlier this year we upgraded to the P4P V2 and have been having image quality issues with some of the flights in the Polygon 2D map option, I have tried different settings on Dji Go 4 before and during flights with no joy, some mosaics are good then some will have blurred sections, its just not consistent.
I would appreciate advice for a solution to this.

Thank you, Ciaran

HI @ciaran.mcallister,

So in my understanding you are capturing images using the Dji Go 4 and sometimes the orthomosaics end up blurry.
Have you checked the images you captured for the blurry projects? Are the images blurry as well? Which software are you using to process? Also, what is the overlap you are using and the speed of capturing images?


Hi Nikoleta,
I am using the Pix4D Capture app in 2D Polygon feature for capturing images,
Settings are:
Angle of the camera 90 degrees
Front overlap 80%
Side overlap 70%
Drone speed - Normal

We use Pix4D cloud to process the images, the drone will go in and out of focus in the Pix4D Capture app while in mission, which in turn produces some blurry photos that effect the quality in sections of the mosaic.

Hi @ciaran.mcallister,

May I ask which version of PIX4Dcapture are you using?

Have you tried to set the focus to infinite in DJI GO? It should probably solve this issue.
To verify if the focus is correct you can:

  1. Take off with the drone and go to e.g. 40m above the ground level.
  2. Open DJI GO app and check if the focus is correct.
  3. Close the DJI GO app.
  4. Open the Pix4Dcapture and start the mission.

Something that worked with Mavic Pro drones, it to assign C1 button to focus, fly the drone manually to the altitude where the flight is supposed to take place, press C1 before starting the mission with Pix4Dcapture.