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I have problem with focusing

Hi every body
I have a phantom 4 pro v2. I want using it for surveying.
According the recommended guide, I use DJI Go for focus it’s camera at manual mode and I take some photo with that setting and all of the images are perfect. after that I switch to pix4dcature. I define a mission (with low speed fight)
but after the taking photos all of the time my pictures are blur and unfocused!
My setting is 1:1000 shutter speed 100 ISO ap:2.8
What is my problem?
Where do I go wrong?

Hello there, This is because your focus is not set properly. Pix4Dmapper uses an automatic focus setting. So, I would suggest you to first fly the drone to the height of your mission set, tap on the screen to set the focus (using DJI GO ). This should set the correct focus and then you can start your mission.