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Phantom 4 Pro - 2 Open issues

From previous posts there are two issues with the Phantom 4 Pro that do not seem have been addressed yet. They are as follows:

  1. focus problems when capturing images;

  2. Ability to map cross grid patterns and circular grid patterns. 

Any guidance from would be appreciated

Hi Bob,

1)  A first suggestion would be to try to set the focus to infinite in DJI GO. Something that worked with Mavic Pro drones, it to assign C1 button to focus, fly the drone manually to the altitude where the flight is supposed to take place, press C1 before starting the mission with Pix4Dcapture.

Rest assured our developers are continuously improving the stability of the auto-focus feature.

  1. For this problem, if you are using Pix4Dcapture an iOS, you should probably uninstall and reinstall the app.


Hi Bob,

Regarding the Mavic Pro focus problem, our testers would like to further look into it.
Could you please share with us the images of the flight on our Dropbox:

Thank you.