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Focus issue with DJI Mavic Pro. Any solutions?

Hi everyone,

we would like to use the Pix4Dcapture App for our scientific projects. For some of these project we are flying the DJI Mavic Pro with a multispectral camera mounted. However, the RGB images from the build-in camera are all blurry and out of focus. This problem was already mentioned here before, however we are wondering if there is any solution already? How can we set the right focus setup to get clear and sharp imagery using the app? We are running Pix4DCapture on an Android phone.

Best regards,
Dr. Jan Lehmann

Hi Jan,

For now, our developers are working on a solution. In the meantime, please comment and learn about the experience of other users in the main thread: DJI Mavic Pro Autofocus Issue (Android). I strongly suggest you do so that it relaunches the discussion :slight_smile:

One person reported having solved the issue by making the camera of the DJI Mavic Pro focus on something at the same distance as the flight altitude and then starting the mission.

I will now close this topic to comments, thank you for your understanding.