How do I focus when using DJI MavicPro and Inspire1Raw with Pix4D app?

Hello everyone,

I can’t take good photos when using DJI MavicPro and Inspire1Raw with Pix4D app,for the problem of focusing.This problem didn’t come to me when using DJI Phantom3Pro.

As I know,both Mavic and Inspire1 are able to auto focusing on DJI GO app.But they can’t do the same on Pix4D app or something like Altizure.

To focus correctly,should I fly to the same altitude of my waypoints and focus manually before starting the mission?And after than,am I good to go the mission with my drone in the air?

Or is any better way to solve my problem?

Thanks for reading this,and sorry for my poor English.


we invite you to have a look at the following forum post that is dedicated to focusing issues with DJI Mavic Pro: DJI Mavic Pro Autofocus Issue




@Blaž Thanks!

I’ve found the way myself,just few days ago.

I set the waypoints high(some like about 230m) when mission in a area with many hills,and use DJI GO 4 app to focus manually at the altitude of waypoints before starting my mission.After that,I got not bad photos from my Mavic.

For missions at flat ground,just set a lower altitude.

Here are the points for most android:

1.Connect everything and start with DJI GO 4

2.Fly to the mission altitude and focus manually or automatically in DJI GO 4,auto re-focus is not needed

3.Cut off the connection between remote control and your pad or phone,kill process of DJI GO 4,then reconnect them

4.Select the DJI+ctrl app to run on pad or phone that you connected to RC

5.Go the mission with Pix4D apps

BTW it is better to do all these every time after a landing and before your next mission.

We are glad to hear it worked for you!
Thank you for letting us know and sharing your experience on our community.