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Merge or Combine projects or flights


I’m testing pix4dFields to evaluate if we can go from pix4dmapper to this new product.
I have a few questions.

we have a large area to process, so we make multiple flights with our drones.
i’ve already processed a flight on Fields and the result is as expected.
Then i process the flight right next to it.

this is the point i’m in.
How can i combine / merge multiple flights (each with it own calibration) ?
On pix4dMapper we can easily merge projects.
On Fields, we can import images from multiple flights, yes (selecting photos or directories from multiple locations), but then it won’t stitch the two.
the result is 2 separate layers, one for each flight.
is there a way to do it or is just a software limitation ?

also, is it possible to just view/export the data inside the boundary (cut the selected ortho)?
[Edit] - I found the trim feature on the boundary.


Hi Filipe,

Thanks for your interest in our software. Using Pix4Dfields it is not possible to merge projects the way it is done in Pix4Dmapper. Having segmented fields could work if they are close to each other. Could you please upload some screenshots of the locations of each project?

The problem is that all flights processed together are included in a single orthomosaic, which could have two possible consequences: if processed with size limitation, the GSD will be poor, and if processed with no limitation it would be a huge orthomosaic and that would take a long time to process and much disk space.

To cut the orthomosaic, you create the field boundary and trim it. You can find more information here: Field boundary creation

Kind regards,