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Merging problematic projects


My situation:
2 days of flying

First day:
First day I flew 3 out of 4 missions at 100m over forest - turns out it was too low.
I flew one mission at 150m because otherwise I would not have had a clear line of sight.

Back at the office (after processing) it turned out that just 60% of the area could be stitched properly to a mosaic.

Second day
Due to bad weather I had to stand down for two weeks. Then I was forced to fly at low temperatures with mediocre lighting conditions.
I flew at 200m.

I made MTPs and merged the 200m_Project with the 150m_Project. Looks neat.

My next step would be to generate MTPs for the 200m150_MERGE and 100m_Project. I would exclude the parts with very dense forest from the 100m_Project. Then I would merge them.

Is this procedure tolerable? we have now winter here so there is no second chance to fly.

Best Regards,

Any ideas?

Regards, Phil

Hi Phil.

Could you tell us whether those three projects were acquired by the same camera?

In general, we recommend not to exceed a difference of a factor more than 2 for the GSD. If you are at the limit, it is likely that you will need to add more MTPs common to both projects to help the software merge the projects.