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dense cloud


I process my project and i received a nice sparse cloud, but when i try to realize a dense cloud a get bad results.

I used 3 GCPs and 20 Tie points. Thanks, tie Points my Ray cloud was able to not have errors with the complicated surface of the roof that I plane to survey. Unfortunately, the dense cloud I get looks to have so many problems like the surfaces are flipped or at 90 respect the reality. Another problem is that the dense cloud has no so many points more than the ray cloud and green flag in output result is not green like the image below, but grey. It looks like the entire process was not completed but I have no error message. I tried to process everything using 6 as matching point number and it looks better, but no such as I wish. Can I ask you to help me, please? 



Hi Lisa,

By “process my project and I received a nice sparse cloud” I guess that you are referring to step 1.
What options are you using for the 2nd step?
Could you please share screenshots of the issue you are facing?

Could you upload you quality report here?

6 as matching point number is quite high.
Well it depends on the matching between images and the overlap of your images acquisition.
But I would personally not go much higher than 4. Usually I even set on 2 if I have trouble in having good calibration.

More information here:

Looking forward for you quality report.