Point Cloud Errors

Would anyone have an idea as to why I might be getting big steps in my point cloud creation from Pix4D. I tend to think I may not have enough overlap in these areas hence a low number of matches. Would anyone agree?

I have also added the Pix4D processing ray cloud also, giving an idea of the images taken and GCPs in that area.

It is difficult to tell based on the screenshots. Could you also share the quality report of the project? e.g. through a file sharing service or by posting screenshots. 

I would check in the areas of the steps if there is more than one layer in the point cloud. This can happen if there are shadows or other elements of the environment that make it difficult to match keypoints between images. 

Something to check is also if there is more than one block in the project, this can be seen at the top of the quality report. Sometimes if the software cannot find enough matches between images it starts to process and optimize them as a separate block. 

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Looks like it’s because it’s on the edge of the flight area? 

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