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quality report good but results don't match

The Quality report looks good, but the resulting ortho is missing tiles and point cloud is lacking.

Here is the preview from the quality report and below that is the ortho and then the point cloud.


Am I messing something up after putting in the GCPs? Are there settings that I’m missing?

For the Initial processing I have:

Keypoints Image Scale: Custom at half image size

Matching Image Pairs: Aerial Grid or Corridor


What could be causing the missing tiles and the missing areas in the point cloud? What are the fixes?

Hi Darlene,

Could you please confirm you are using version 4.2.26 of the software? Also we would need to check the processing options that were selected for processing steps 2 and 3. Could you please share the project file (.p4d) and the full PDF quality report? You can for instance use WeTransfer or any other sharing tool.