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Point Cloud Error - Overlapped points

Im working on a large project and i need some answers asap. Support is decent here but the turn around time between answers is ridiculous.

After i upload my images from multiple flights and pixs does step 1, my point cloud comes in with errors. The points are in 2 layers, creating a duplicate point cloud over top one another. A side view would look like this =  

2 layers over 1 on top 1 on the bottom.

What would cause this? and can it be corrected? I have entered in 5 GCPs from my Leica 1250 GPS and still the same results


Any help would be greatly appreciated

They are in 2 blocks? In order to fix this you need to make manual tie points, I believe three. Mark the same location on pictures from both flights and re-optimize. Then re run the quality report to make sure that its all in one block.

Hey Erik,

That is exactly what the issue was. The support team from Pix really helped with this situation. 

I have the same problem. I have this overlap along a “road”. I have a couple different models with the same problem. I tried adding the manual tie points but it didn’t get me what I was looking for. Now  My question will be where do you place the tie points? I have tow surfaces one on top of each other so where do I place the tie point ?

 You place the tie point on either surface. Just click the node, then place tie points at the tow, down stream crest and upstream crest.

Go along the entire area adding points in locations, then reoptimize. 

After reoptimization, you will see the areas that require more tie points.

I dont work for pix4d, but I know alot about it. You can email me for further info if you wish.