1 area of intrest, 2 flights => 2 clouds ?

What can cause two point clouds? Where the two flights overlap, there are two clouds in the Z axis about 1m apart. Different camera parameters?

Hello Troy,

It can be caused by low overlap between two flights or within an area of one flight, which can create 2 blocks and there is not a good connection between them, this can be solved by creating some manual tie points in the area where the blocks are disconnected, and then reoptimizing:


If you still have problems after doing the steps above, please send us by email the quality report so we can check in more detail.


From experience (this is called Noise). I have seen it happen due to errors in calibration as a result of poor overlap or not enough pixels in the photos to work with, sometimes reflectivity of the surface (think of a car bumper).

One of my attempts with the software cause this as a result of using a camera with a “cheap” sensor.