Can anyone tell me what is problem here? Insufficient Overlap?

I got this (see image below) point cloud . There is gap between point clouds. I couldnt understand why is is happening. Can anyone tell me what is the problem here? I have attached the image of point cloud and image feature above point cloud gap.

Hi Manish,

It looks like you don’t have enough front overlap. Are you flying the road corridor manually with the drone set to take pictures every “X” meters? You would likely either need to fly higher or set the shooting frequency lower to fill in those gaps.

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Hey Manish,

Would you be able to take screenshot of the first page of your Quality Report? 

100% due to poor overlap.  You might be able to tweak settings but in the end it is poor flight planning…don’t blindly follow any software without checking yourself.

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Thanks Erik and Adam for the insights. I have done corridor flight with 70% overlap. I suspected the overlap is not sufficient. Can you tell me what should be overlap here? I am using sonyA6000 camera with 110m drone height.

Hey Selim,
Please find the attached screenshot.

Hello Manish,

I suspect that the issue here is the overlap. You can see the overlap in the Quality Report -> Figure 4. 

You will find more information about how to read the Quality Report here:202558679.

I see that you have many blocks generated in your project. Multiple blocks indicate that there were not enough matches between the different blocks to provide a global optimization. For more information, please check here: 202558689.

Hey Manish,

As Adam mentioned above it is probably due to poor overlap. Based on the Dataset tab however your images are treated as 5 independent groups, it is simply not able relate them to each other. Ideally you only want have a single block. Btw do you actually have 115 GCP’s or are they MTP’s?


Few are GCP rest are Manual tie points