Hi ,
i gnerated a project witha phaseone camera 440 (100mp) images, f= 4.6 and 50mm focal length
70% front overlap and 30% side overlap .
i generated the initial process and i got some rly bad overlap results , i can’t find the reason please help

Hi, can you share the quality report of your project?

I’m wondering whether it’s about the display of the results too, e.g. is your graphic card up to date?

Pfe2024_report.pdf (1.7 MB)
yes it is

Thanks for sharing the quality report. When looking at the report, the two most probable causes seem to be:

  • Not enough overlap in the acquisition: image
  • The hardware (e.g. the 8GB RAM), may not be enough to show the size of project you have.

Do you have another machine that you could try this project on? That way we could see whether the hardware is the cause. I assume that flying the project again is not necessarily possible?

Even when i tried just 54 images
i got this

i’ll try prosseing it on another machine

can a 24gb be enough?

Hi @asma.daoud40 ,

Increasing the RAM would increase the chances of processing the project till the end, but it won’t solve the overlap issue.

Please verify that you have enough overlap between your images:

  • 75% frontal and 60% side overlap in general cases.
  • 80% frontal and side overlap for agriculture fields and 85% frontal and side overlap for forests and dense vegetation.
  • 85% frontal overlap for single-track corridor mapping. Use 60% side overlap if the corridor is acquired using two flight lines.