Preplanning a pix Pix4D flight

I am trying to pre-plan a mission and Pix4D! However I am not having any success! Can someone explain to me how I can do it without being on site? I tried using the Pix4D app While being connected to the drone hoping that I could search for a new site! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ballard,

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The planning really depends on your project, the type of terrain/ object to be reconstructed, and the GSD required for this project.
For most cases, it is recommended to acquire the images with a regular grid pattern with nadir images (directly facing down the terrain). Make sure to fly one more fly line beyond the area of interest.
The rcommended overlap is at least 75% frontal overlap (with respect to the flight direction) and at least 60% side overlap (between flying tracks).
For other terrain types, the recommendation is to increase the overlap even more than in the general cases.
For examples:

  • Flat agriculture fields: at least 80% frontal and side overlap
  • Forest and dense vegetation areas: at least 85% frontal and side overlap and fly higher so that it is easier to detect similarities between overlapping images.
  • Thermal images: at least 90% frontal and side overlap.

You can use any image acquisition app such as but not limited to PIX4Dscan to help plan the mission as well ensuring the overlap is achieved. I recommend going through this article if you have not already. Image acquisition As well as if you are interested give PIX4Dscan Mission Type a read: Mission types - PIX4Dscan.

I hope this helps. Let me know if there is anything I can clarify for you. :ok_hand:


Thank you for your help!

No problem. Our pleasure. :+1: