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Overlap between sub areas


I will survey a large area of 6,000 hectares next month. I have a plan to divide it in to smaller areas; it is hilly. I will use Wingtraone drone, with 5 cm GSD will survey 400 hectares by one flight, with 70% side and 75% front overlapping. I intend to make and overlap to a width of 40 m between the separate flights; is it giving good result?

Any advice please :pray:t2:

I use PPK with 42 Mpix sensor, also use GCPs, 4 around each area

this could help:

There is no general rule as it depends on several factors including the type of the terrain (for uniform/textureless areas, we recommend higher overlap)

This could also help:

Thanks Christina!

I always follow the terrain, because my region is hilly to mountainous. The sub areas will be parallel squares, not irregular; is giving an overlap of 40 m sufficient?
And I will fly from morning to evening, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, of course sun direction will not be the same; does this make problems?


I would recommend you to have at least two overlapping flight lines between the subflight.

It would be optimal to acquire the images in the shortest time possible in order to reduce the influence of the different light conditions. You can fly on a cloudy day to reduce the influence of the changing shadows in images.

You can see how a large area was covered in a short time period by flying 4 drone simultaneously:

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