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Pix4Dcapture terrain awareness

I created a flight to 50 meters high speed a bit more than the average and overlap of 70 % , but when I tried to align the photos did not. It appears that the overlap was not sufficient and the spacing between the picture seems to be constant. why was that? (One day before I had made ​​a flight with the same height same overlap only the speed was much lower and photos lined up perfectly ) thank you

i used phanton 3 advanced

Hi Rafael,

Which version of the app are you using with your P3A? Is it on Android or iOS?
How did you process? For both cases, was it:

  • From the images saved on the drone’s SD card with/without the .p4d file generated at the end of the mission.
  • From the images saved on the device with/without the .p4d file generated at the end of the mission.


Sorry, I have already made the same question in a better post. Please Delete thhis one.

Hello, is Pix4D Capture Terrain aware? I mean, does Pix4D Extract some kind of altitude profile from Google maps or other Map service?.

I think that it would be helpful if one can do 2 flight plans. A first one at high altitude to extract the Terrain level from the DSM of the mapped site and a second flight plan with the corrected surface level to mantain the correct altitude in all the survey path.

Thank you very much in advance. Regards.

Hello Jesus,

Pix4Dcapture does not use the altitude information of the terrain to adjust the altitude along the survey path. You should take into consideration the height variations of the terrain when designing the image acquisition plan. 

In case of slopes you could possibly perform multiple flights at different constant altitudes, maintaining an overlap between the flights. This way the GSD will be approximately constant for the project since the height difference between the UAV and the terrain is maintained.