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Workflow for meshed model reduction for VR?

Hi All,

Anyone have a relatively simple (ideally largely automated) workflow for reducing size of the meshed model? We want to view to view Pix4D models via Sketchfab with the Oculus Quest (mobile processor) and the default pix4d meshed model output is huge and not cleaned up at all (like 1M Triangles and 500K Verts) so it crashes the Quest as soon as you open the Sketchfab URL.



Hi @Tim_Brown,

You might be interested in this article:

The ideal resolution for the texture for Sketchfab is 4096x4096 pixels. By default, Pix4Dmapper generates a texture resolution of 8192x8192.”

" 3. Select the tab 3D Textured Mesh , select the box Generate 3D Textured Mesh. In the Settings section, click the Texture Size [pixels] from the drop-down list and select 4096x4096."

If your mesh is not cleaned at all, I would recommend you to clean the point cloud in the rayCloud and then generated the Mesh from the cleaned point cloud.
Additionally, if you get some unsatisfactory results on your mesh, you can smooth some areas by adding a surface:

Hope this will help,