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3D mesh settings for good display in cloud


I’m currently trying to import a processed 3D mesh to the cloud. The Original file has 3,5 millions polygons and a texture quality of 16384 pixels, it comes from Agisoft Photoscan/Metashape. It looks really great before i upload it. The problem is that the displayed mesh after web processing in pix4D Cloud has a poor quality (see attached image)

I understand that the model must be optimized for web navigation, but i wonder what parameters (texture, nomber of faces, other … ?) should be set to create a mesh that keep a good quality after web processing in pix 4D Cloud.

Thank you,



The texture we display on the Cloud is not the highest quality one. We display a reduced quality one (8192x8192) at the moment, due to memory reasons and to ensure better usability. Could you try directly uploading the mesh generated with Agisoft Photoscan/Metashape with that texture resolution?


Lowering the texture to 8192*8192 did work to upload the model from Metashape to pix4DCloud and keep a “normal” texture. However due to my project scale, this resolution is not enough.

Thank you for your answer.