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Exporting processed mesh from cloud

Good morning,

We are just exploring the different drone deployment and mapping utilities available as part of our drone program at school.  When exploring Pix4D (trial version) we have encountered a few problems. Apologies if some of these have been answered prviously.  My colleague signed up for a trial licence prior to a school biology camp.  During the camp we conducted a drone survey of the rocky headland using the Pix4d mobile app.  Unfortunately we had limited internet access so were not able to upload the 2gb of images to the Pix4D server (did not have Pix4D desktop installed). We uploaded the images upon return and were able to process and view a 3D mesh of the headland.  A few days before the trial expired I was asked to see what I could do with the processed mesh (including generating 2d dxf profiles of the student transects). I could not find out how to downlad the processed mesh!! I downloaded Pix4D desktop and downloaded the project from the Pix4D cloud however it seems to have downloaded all the data (including the 2gb of photos!) but not the processed mesh. I gather I need to reprocess the mesh but now the trial has expired this seems impossible.  I can still access the mesh on the server but can’t do anything with it. Very frustrating.  I created a new account but cannot use Pix4D desktop to reprocess the data as the software is linked to an my colleagues expired account and cannot be changed (suspect a registry entry somewhere).  Soo… is there anyway to work with the mesh on the server? Is there anyway to use the downloaded project? Or have we just wasted hours of work for nothing?



Hello David, 

Can you share the link to the project? 

Hi Marili


Hey Chris, 

I can see that the project is successfully processed on the Cloud. You should be able to download the 3D Textured Mesh, even if you are using the Discovery version. You should load the layer Triangle Mesh to display it on Pix4D Desktop. 

Did you follow this procedure to download the project? 

  1. Go to Pix4D Cloud and log in to your account.
  2. In the project you wish to download click   
  3. Click Export to Pix4D desktop (.zip)

To confirm that the 3D Textured Mesh is downloaded, you can check if the files are in the path: project_name\2_densification\3d_mesh

Here is an example:

Did you load the Mesh? 


Can you now see the results? 

Since you are using the Discovery version, you will not be able to do modifications and perform measurements, as you can see here, but you should be able to visualize the result. 


Have you tried our new tool of Pix4D Cloud, the Virtual Inspector: What-is-the-Virtual-Inspector.? 

Hi Marili,

Thanks for the reply.

Pix4D desktop is expired (was installed by my colleague Chris).  Even though I have a valid trial (discovery) account I cannot use Pix4D desktop because the login defaults to the expired account.  I cannot start Pix4D using my account.  I tried uninstalling and re-installing but still it is locked with an expired account.  Without a functioning Pix4D desktop is there a way to download the mesh from the cloud?




Hey David, 

Firstly, to use your valid trial license, you should log out from the Discover account and log in with your credentials. For more instructions check here: How-to-log-out-Pix4D-Desktop

You should be able to download the 3D Textured Mesh of a project that was successfully processed on the Cloud even if you don’t have a valid license at that moment. 

You can also import it into third-party software as you will see here:  202558499.

Let me know if you have more questions.