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3D Resolution on Cloud versus Desktop

I’m in a trial and on Pix4D Mapper, it looks like the 3D Mesh model resolution is fairly low, at least compared to what Drone Deploy outputs and the default settings in Agisoft Photoscan (which isn’t cloud).  I couldn’t find any settings in the cloud to control things like point cloud density, mesh, and textures so if you want a more dense/detailed model, is using Desktop the only option?  If so, can someone confirm what the main settings that the cloud processing defaults to so I know where to go in Desktop and change them to higher resolution settings?




Indeed if you want to change the processing options you will have to first have to set them on the desktop and then upload from there the project on the cloud (see  How-to-upload-project-files-from-the-desktop).

When uploading directly to cloud depending on the solution (ag, mapper, bim, model) the template will be different. With Pix4Dmapper you will have the 3D Maps template while with the Pix4Dmodel the 3D Models.

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