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Processing configuration of the cloud service

The cloud processing service is good idea, but very automated level of processing is not useful solution generally speaking. In dependance of specific tasks and requirements the user want to calculate different digital products with different settings for each particular project. Now the cloud service processing the projects with the same configurations and user can not set specific options. For example, in my practice as professional surveyor I never need 3D mesh, but I received it by each cloud processing of images from my flights just to delete it from my archives after that! Another example is the resolution of the orthomosaic - I do not need the maximum resolution each time, but now I received it and after that I reduce it by another software to decrease the size of the GeoTIFF files. I understand that now the user can create a new project on desktop Pi4DMapper, congifure processing options, set GCP and upload the project in the cloud for automate processing. But in this case the idea to upload images from Pix4DCapture directly from the field to the cloud for automated processing is not useful! I am strongly recommend to improve configuration of the cloud processing to allow user to set specific requirements to the results of automated processing.  Will be more useful if will be possible to arrange processing options by Account Settings of the cloud and allow user to choose which digital products want to receive, the resolution of the orthophoto mosaic etc. In this case the cloud processing will be optimized and the time and recources consuming of the service will be adequate of the needs of the users. It is good idea to allow to import Processing templates from Pi4dMapper to Account Settings of the cloud.

Hello Ivan,

Thank you for your suggestions.

They would indeed improve cloud processing.

I have passed them to the cloud team to be considered for future releases.

Thank you again for your feedback.