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[Desktop] [Pix4Dmapper Pro 3.2.23] Controlling processing options using cloud

Hello. I have a simple question on how to control processing options when using cloud. If I upload a project to cloud, I noticed that there is no way I can change various quality-related settings on the cloud website itself. So how do I do this?

Before uploading a project, I have tried changing all quality-related processing  to high and then hit [save project] and then uploaded. However the result I receive isn’t very different from the one processed by using default options. So I have been thinking whether this is due to me not knowing processing options for cloud.

Of course, it is possible that result quality cannot be improved only with processing settings, since it could be a problem of photo qualities themselves.

Anyhow if you have an answer to this, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you. 

Hi Haemin,

Indeed, when uploading the images on Pix4D Cloud the default Processing Options templates are used: 

When project is uploaded from desktop, project will be processed on the cloud taking into account processing options selected in desktop version. Additionally, you may add GCPs, MTPs, processing area to a project using Pix4D Desktop and then upload it on the cloud. In this case GCPs, MTPs and other editing will be taken into account when processing on the cloud:

You are correct, results do not only depend on processing options, but on many different parameters such as image content and quality, overlap between images, etc.

For more information how to improve results, check the following article: 

Hope it helps,