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Quality report in cloud

Hello everyone,

I am still in a process of testing pix4d software and now I am trying to find out if it´s appropriate for me to use offered cloud solution from pix4d. During the process of testing I found something i don´t understand (bug or feature…i don´t really know).

I created new project, upload images and processing started (I was really surprise that I am not allowed to set up anything). After completion, I can not find quality report of my project. Is it possible that something affects generating of files after finishing the process? For instance processing multiple projects, upload of small amount of images…?

thank you in advance, Jonas

Hello Pavel,

_ “I was really surprised that I am not allowed to set up anything” _

The fact that, after uploading your images, your project started processing is normal (for now). Our cloud offers a simple way to process projects without a too complicated interface. If you’re interested in doing some specific modifications to your project, you can still use the desktop software to do so, then send your project from the software to the cloud to process. By doing so, you will upload your images but also the p4d file which contains all the details of your modifications.

You can find more information that here:

There is a plan to be able to modify things before processing on the cloud. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about a deadline or which feature will be available.

_ "After completion, I can not find _ quality _ report _ of _ my project" _

If the project couldn’t process the step 1, you won’t find any quality report in your project, the same way you won’t get it from the software. As I can see, some of your projects successfully processed but you still can’t find any quality report. I’ll have a look with our front-end team if it was removed or if we introduced a bug. Apologize for that.

For the rest of your questions, you shouldn’t see any effects between projects, for example, if you process multiple projects at the same time.




Hello Tom,

thank you for your quick response.

In a meantime I read some more on forums and I find out about fair polici. What would you recommend for a business plan with 2 or more project/day? I thought about amazon cloud solution but it seems to be more confortable to use your cloud solution in combination with desktop. 


Hello Pavel,

For such a small amount of project, I would recommend our cloud, but obviously, I’m not neutral on this point of view, as a cloud developer. What you can do is to contact our sales team ( They are much better than me to guide people to the right solution and have more knowledge on what is used by other customers regarding they need.

About the quality report, we have a bug right now where we don’t display the box to download it. Again, apologize for that, the front-end team is working on it and hopefully will be fixed soon.


Thank you Tom,

I will kontakt them. Also thanks for information about bug. I could provide you with basic support if needed (console log etc.)


Hey Pavel,

It’s all good, we could reproduce it and our front-end team is releasing a fix today for that.

Thanks again for your help, I hope you’ll find a good solution for your project with our services.


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