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Cloud processing question

Hello Pix4D, 

If I start a project on my desktop for initial processing, GCP and manual tie points, can I then send it to the could for STEP 2 (point cloud and Mesh) based on settings I define of the desktop application.

In the “File Upload” Dialog window, what does “Click here to change the solution preference” supposed to do?

What happens If I upload but do not check “Start Processing”

Hi Cesar, 

Answers below:

  1. Yes, GCPs, MTPs and processing options set on the desktop version are taken into account on the Cloud for further processing. These articles will be useful: 

2) If you have more than one license (e.g. Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dag and Pix4Dmodel) it might be required to upload a project from the desktop to a specific Cloud solution. For example, an agriculture project could be processed on Pix4Dmapper desktop but to share it the upload should go to Pix4Dag. This article shows how to select the preferred solution.

  1. The project should be uploaded to the Cloud. Then, the processing can be started from the Cloud interface. For this I would recommend to use the same version (4.0.25) that the Cloud is running.

I am curious about question 3. I uploaded a project from Desktop, but did not check the “start processing” button. I see the project in the cloud and it is labeled “uploaded” (in a black box).

Will the project be processed automatically?  Do I need to do anything on my end to start the processing? What indicator do I have to know that it is being processed?


Thanks for any help. 

Hi Ronald, 

I seem to have made a mistake, when you upload it from desktop to cloud without checking the “Start processing” checkbox the images are saved on the Cloud but you cannot start the processing from the Cloud interface at the moment. 

I have reported this to our Cloud team, as I find it would improve the workflow. Sorry for the error in my previous explanation! 

Is there a difference between the processing on the cloud vs what happened on the desktop?

If you use the same processing options, the results should be the same on desktop and cloud. Have you noticed a difference? If yes, please create a new post in the community so that we can investigate. :slight_smile: