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Desktop To Cloud understanding

Hi forum,

Done rapidcheck
Marked al GCP’s based on rapidcheck.

Marked options: 1. Full check 2. and step 3.
Then hit upload and start processing in cloud.

But… when uploaded i needed to start processing again.
And cloud say’s the project doesn’t conaint any GCP.

The workflow as described worked before renewal of the cloud platform.
i don’t have advanced cloud.

What is wrong? is the workflow changed?

hope you can clearify the subjects!


Hi @Levi_Kooman,

I am not able at the moment to tell you why you have to click Start processing, despite the fact that you defined this option on Pix4Dmapper. This will need further investigation.

Regarding the GCPs workflow, nothing has changed. Your GCPs are still considered for the processing. The section in the Files > GCPs page refers to the AutoGCPs detection functionality instead, which is only available to Pix4Dcloud Advanced users.

I hope it’s more clear now :slight_smile: