Cloud processing

I wish to upload all photo and do only processing in cloud, and download 3d dense cloud, or 3d mesh textured… Is possible do all the job automatically in cloud? I don’t have gcp to placing…
A friend told me is possible do this without buy full software.
How much I have to purchase?
Thank you

Hello Marco,

I can confirm that our cloud is able to process a project doing the job “automatically”. We do use generic templates, so you might not get the perfect result (as if you were manually editing things to make it better) but you have the advantage of not taking care of those settings which will still give you a very good result.

If you want to try it, you can simply create an account on our website and validate your account. With this process, you’ll be granted a “trial license” which will allow you to process your project on the cloud.

After your trial, you’ll be able to decide whether our cloud suits you and move on with a license.

Let me know if you can find everything you need!


Which service I’ve to click? My account has expired in 2017…opened to try, but effectively never tested… Thank you

Hi Marco,

If your first trial has already expired, you can still ask for an trial extension of 10 days by writing to our sales department:
Contact Sales