Current verison, but needing to cloud process. HELP

I have 4.1.24 installed and several current projects running. I want to use the cloud to process. How do I go about using the cloud and keeping my existing projects.  

In particular, I have one project (4.1.24) that I want to re-process Step 3 on the cloud, for time’s sake.  I tried installing 4.0.25. It would not let me due to current version installed. I do not want to risk losing my current projects downgrading.


Please help.


Hi Ronald,

Currently Pix4D Cloud runs the latest version 4.1.25. You can open the project with Pix4Dmapper 4.1.24 on desktop, and upload to our cloud servers. It will work :).

Note however, that if you upload the project, all steps are processed on our servers. But it could indeed be faster than just re-running step 3 on your computer.