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Which Desktop release can open cloud generated projects?

I tried opening with 4.1.3, 4.0.21 and they failed to open the project.

3.3.29 Opens the project, but it doesn’t seem to be able to load anything besides the map view camera locations. DO I need to re-process the whole sting on the desktop now from step 1?


You shouldn’t have to re-process your project on the desktop.

When you wish to download your project from the cloud to open it in the desktop, you can choose which files to download. 

Have you checked if you downloaded all the necessary files, i.e. the input images, the .p4d file and the output folder?

Here is an article on how to download results from the cloud:

At the moment, the cloud runs version 3.3.29, but the new 4.0.21 desktop version supports projects created with older versions. When you’ll open your project, the software will simply offer to save a 4.0.21 version of your project under another name and will keep the previous version as backup, see: 

Let us know if that worked

I had to re-install 3.3.29, open the cloud processed file, save it, reinstall 4.0.21 and opened it that way. Still didn’t show up with steps 2 or 3 processed, is that normal?

No, this should not happen.
Could you send me the cloud link of your project so that I might investigate?

Open your project on the cloud. On the upper-right side of the window, next to the “Download” button, click on the “Share” button, copy the link (see picture below and article) and send it to me.

If you:

  • processed steps 1, 2 and 3 online, then
  • clicked on both “Export to Pix4D Desktop” and “Input Images (xxx images)” in the Downloads dialogue box (see picture in the previous answer),
    you should be able to open the files on Pix4D Desktop.

Also, could you make sure you’ve had no problems running processing steps 2 and 3 on the cloud? And that your output files are not empty after downloading them?

Here’s the link to the file:

I’m re-downloading right now (and just updated a video driver), so I’ll let you know about the contents of the download in a bit.

Am I right in my understanding that if I want to add GCPs to the project,  I’m going to have to do the resulting re-processing on the desktop anyway?

Is there any way to control what processing steps/outputs are done in the cloud? That would be incredibly useful.

I just tried to open the project and it asked to update to the new updated project version, and a little while later an error occurred: :Information i0023: Some of the image paths stored in the project____cannot be found. select a new image directory for the imege___.jpg.

Do I need to download the images from the cloud as well, or specify the original files on my hard drive?

Thank you for providing the link of your project on the cloud. I have checked it and the processing seems to have gone well, so downloading and visualization in Pix4D Desktop shouldn’t be a problem.

About processing options on Pix4D Cloud:
You can control processing options (steps/outputs) by first setting them in Pix4D Desktop before uploading the project on Pix4D Cloud:

  • Open a new project in Pix4D Desktop
  • Change the processing options (add GCPs in your case, but also change input/output coordinate systems, add a processing area, change the template, etc.)
  • Upload your project to Pix4D Cloud for processing

About adding and marking GCPSs
As mentioned in the section above, you have to add your GCPs on Pix4D Desktop (see article), before processing (on Pix4D Desktop or Cloud).
Then, there are two ways of marking them: 

  • in the Basic Editor before any processing (see article)
  • in the rayCloud after processing step 1 (see article)

In your case, I would advise you to mark your GCPs in the Basic Editor, then upload your project to Pix4D Cloud from Pix4D Desktop. 
You would have to reprocess you project in any case.

About downloading a project from Pix4D Cloud:
You do not need to download your input pictures if you have exactly the same on your desktop. 
And when you open your project in Pix4D Desktop, after updating your project to the newest version, the i0023 information message appears because the software is trying to locate the images on your hard drive (see article). This happens when you have not processed your project on the desktop. 
After clicking “ok” in the i0023 dialogue box, your file explorer opens. Navigate to the folder containing your input image files and select it.

I hadn’t found the instructions on how to include GCP’s in the cloud processing before, that’s exactly what I needed!

Thanks so much Rhea!

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