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Product upgrade vs project's version

Hi –

The product upgrades are a real hassle for me. If I ever upgrade, I can no longer access my projects (which I need to do frequently) without copying over to new version. This is very, very time consuming and sometimes doesn’t work (e.g., new project can’t find the images in the folder even though nothing has changed). 

It would be great if this upgrade process could be streamlined. Additionally, it is critical to know that if I upgrade, cloud submissions will still work. This has not always been the case.



Hi Mike,


Our software releases assure a forward compatibility. That being said with the latest version you will always be able to open projects processed with previous one but not the way around. When you open a project processed with an older version the software will ask you if you want a backup but it is not mandatory. As soon as you point at the correct folder (if the project has been moved) then no issues are expected.

The Cloud is always running on the latest stable version. Therefore as the forward compatibility is assured you can then upload from the desktop using the same version or a lower one. For example, currently, on Pix4D Cloud is running 4.0.25, so if you upload using the preview 4.1.10 it will fail.