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Resolution for 3Dmesh


I have some questions about the 3D mesh resolution:

  • Pix4d allows to generate 131072x131072 pixel for texture size of 3Dmesh, but I can’t export it in a third part software. The 3D mesh appears black. I’ve got the same issue with the online inspector.

Is there a limitation of the size of texture for 3Dmesh outputs? In the virtual inspector?

Stick with 16384 x 16384 and bump up the max triangles for higher resolution.  I have found no good way to increase texture size even on my 128GB RAM system…plus there is no good reason even with my 42MP pictures.

I agree with Adam, I would stick with lower texture resolutions such as 8192x8192 and 16384x16384 if you want to display them on the Cloud. Higher textures are not supported at the moment. 

Can you explain why you would need such a high texture size for the 3D Textured Mesh? Do you see a significant difference between 16384x16384 and 131072x131072 for your use case?