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JPEG file bigger han 32768x32768 not supported


How can I have a higher resolution on my 3d textured triangle mesh?

I get this message when trying to use the maximum resolution in Point cloud and Mesh process:

JPEG file bigger han 32768x32768 not supported. The output texture will be resized to 32768x32768.

I have a: 

intel i8700k coffe lake

32GB ram


Nvidia GTX 1080Ti

 Do I need more ram?

I only used 70 pictures in the project


Textures of resolution higher than 32768 are only supported for the .obj file format, and the tiled texture option should be selected. This has to do with the JPG format of the texture file: larger files cannot be created, and so we need to tile the texture file. Please note that not all external software read tiled texture file, in which case you would need to select 32768 as the resolution to be able to import the .obj in this software. If the external software does accept tiled texture files, then you can use the higher textures.

If the tiled texture option is not selected, then the resolution will automatically revert to 32768 to be able to generate the texture file.

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okay, thank you for the answer

I have another question:

Is there any tutorial to import these tile pictures into 3DS max? When I import the model from a folder with all the textures, none of them shows in model of 3DS max. When I do it with one big pciture, it automatical is draped on the model

Hi asrer waer, 

You could try the workflow described in this article:

It is the same article that was recommended to you in your other post: Please let us know if you could successfully use the workflow.

That workflow only Works for mesh With 1 big image, not many small images which is what I get when I export from pix4d With tiles

I am afraid that it is outside of my area of specialization. I found this post on Autodesk’s forum that asks the same question, but with no answer so far:

Maybe someone else from the community knows the answer to this. If you find the answer, please update the post so that other users who are looking to do this can find the answer too.



Yes, I’m the one that made that post.


I have however two more questions:

  1. Since I can’t manage to use a higher resolution texture than 32K*32K, is there any way to export the model from pix4d in to several parts with 32K*32K single images? Like 4 mesh models each with their own 32K*32K image?
  2. When I have a large area and want detail texture, can I fly the drone several trips (to insert new batteries) and using pix4d capture and pix4d mapper to make one big model of all the pictures from the different trips?


Thank you

  1. You could add a processing area to the project after step 1. Initial Processing and then generate the 3D Textured Mesh only for that area. If you do this for several adjacent areas you should be able to export them at the desired resolution. Afterwards you will have to find a way to combine them in third party software. 

  2. Yes, you can do that. You should make sure to have overlap between the different flights and to minimize change in the environment (e.g. shadows), so that the areas can be recognized as being the same. For this type of projects the merging procedure can be useful: This article about large projects might also help you: 

I’m posting the link to another post you have created on the polycount forum, which includes some very interesting answers, in case someone has the same issue: