3D Textured Mesh Is Not As Detailed As I Would Like

So I just finished a 3D model of my house and it’s not nearly as high-res as I would like and to be honest I’m really not that happy with it. There are way too many harsh squares, and I was expecting a more detailed product. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, but can anyone point out exactly where my fault is? See the pic below for a screenshot of what it looks like, and here are the settings I’m using:

Initial Processing

Keypoints: Full
Quality Report: Generate orthomosaic preview in quality report (YES)
Matching Image Pairs: Aerial Grid or Corridor
Matching Strategy: Use geometrically verified matching (NO)
Targeted Number of Keypoints: Automatic (10000)
Calibration Method: Standard
Camera Optimization
Internal Parameters Optimization (ALL)
External Parameters Optimization (ALL)
Rematch: Automatic

Point Cloud & Mesh

Point Cloud
Image Scale: 1/2 (Half image size, default)
Point Density: Optimal
Minimum Number of Matches: 3
Classify Point Cloud (NO)
3D Textured Mesh
Generate 3D Textured Mesh (YES)
Settings: Medium Resolution
Use Color Balancing for Texture (NO)
Matching Window Size: 9x9 pixels
Use Processing Area (NO)
Use Annotations (YES)
Limit Camera Depth Automatically (YES)
Sample Density Divider: 1

Hello @diamondstateaerial, The result you are getting is good. However, there are some spaces where there are not enough point clouds and it is having the issue(under the edge of the roof). If you want to see the smoother textured mesh, you can uncheck the point cloud and the quality should be better for visualization.