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Mesh model and sketchup


I have one client asking me if i can provide him a 3d mesh model for using in sketchup for a landscape modelisation. My questions are, does the importation works correctly ? Does the model will conserv the textural colours ? will it be possible to modify it in sketchup ?

In advance many thanks,


Hello John,

Pix4Dmapper can output the mesh and an OBJ which is an industry-standard for mesh files. The OBJ does contain color information as a separate texture file but you will have to check if SketchUp can make use of an OBJ file and what the limitations are within SketchUp in terms of editing these types of meshes. The files that can be output are

  • PLY
  • FBX
  • DXF
  • OBJ

You will have to review the SketchUp documentation to see what limitations exist on that side for further clarification.

Warm regards,