Photogrammetry export file (obj has to texture and colour)

Good day,

This is my first project with I am trying and would like to know why the exported mesh in obj does not seem to contain colours and details like what is shown when I am within the pix4dmatic software.

What are the steps required to export an obj file with colour and details. Thank you.

Hi @limmenglee1991, in which software did you try to open the exported obj?

Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler, I tried it on the native .obj viewer of my mac device. I also attempted uploading it onto sketchfab . Same results the, picture has no textures and colour. Strangely however, I am able to get a model with colour when uploading a combination of the exported mesh files: obj+jpg+mtl. Any other permutation doesn’t work. The image below is to illustrate the combination of files as I just described.

Before we explore any further could it the that it is a restriction because I am on an evaluation software?

Thank you.

If you have a valid trial, it should not change anything from the paid software.

That said, the jpg and mtl files you describe are complementary to the geometry, so if it works adding those, that’s the way to go.