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Export 3d pic to PVSOL Premium

everytime I export my 3d mesh obj. file to PVSOL premium I get a message saying that the PVSOL can’t find the jpg texture and my 3d model becomes all grey.
How can I do to include the jpg texture file in the obj file so that the PVSOL programme can find it and use it?

Hi Sam. The JPG should be located in the 3D mesh directory. You should also import the MTL file. Both can be found in the following directory.


A Pix4D Mesh exported as an OBJ has 3 components. The first is the actual OBJ file that stores the geometry of the model. The second file is the MTL file which maps texture and color to the OBJ file. The third is a texture JPEG which actually has the color information that is to be mapped with the MTL. In order to get the model to appear as it does in Pix4D, you have to import all three of these.