Exporting Pix4D .obj Files to PV*SOL 3D

I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding the export of Pix4D .obj files to PV* SOL 3D. Currently, when attempting to import .obj files into PV* SOL, I encounter a warning indicating that the file exceeds the maximum limit of 500,000 vertices, which is causing issues during the import process in PV*SOL Premium.

The PV* SOL community has suggested reducing the number of points in the Pix4D .obj files to below 200,000, as larger files lead to performance issues during shading calculations. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that PV*SOL utilizes the Assimp library for importing other file formats, and errors indicate that the Assimp Wrapper is unable to import the file due to its size.

In light of this, I am seeking guidance on how to adjust the settings for 3D generation in Pix4matic to ensure proper decimation of the models exported from Pix4D. Could you kindly provide instructions or tips on how to achieve this?

Any assistance or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and support.